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Many times the treatment plan gets changes after the second opinion and it’s a proven fact. We encourage our users to discuss with at least one more doctor before taking any decision. Working on the treatment plans and traveling to other destination is a time consuming and costly affair.

Second opinion gives you more confidence and helps you to decide firmly on your plan to get the treatment.

YallaCare is ready to serve you with that though our highly qualified Doctors who are experts in specific specialities and every query of second opinion is being handled by one specialist doctor who review all the reports and perform his/her own diagnostics before suggesting on the same.

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We keep all your medical reports limited to specialist doctors only, you can rely on us 100%.

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No excuses, we start our processes the minute we receive your detailed medical reports and committed to reply within 48 working hours.

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Get the best doctors in the industry to review your case and give you a comprehensive report based on the medical reports provided at minor cost. With us you can save more than 40% of the cost.

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