Health care at your fingertips

Health care for your loved ones and assist to get the best suited treatment, now available right away with your helping fingers.

Find the desired place, choose the best hospital, select the right Doctor and pick your best Treatment Plan. All these and much more from YallaCare. We are offering personalised services as below

  • o Free customized quotes from treatment providers
  • o Choose your best suited hospitals from across the world
  • o Quality treatment & affordable plan, choose from various options
  • o Information about Insurance and its availability at each of the hospitals

Services we offer

Verified database of Hospitals, Clinic and individual Doctors
Individual Doctor's profile to help you make informed decisions
Doctor's Appointment
Book appointments with single chick and save time and money
Pharmacy [ coming soon ]
Search and order medicines from pharmacy close to your home
Diagnostics [ coming soon ]
Find diagnostic centers and book the time slot that best suits your convenience
Second Opinion
Avail the benefit of Second Opinion from our Expert Panel. Assured 100% privacy

Find hospital at popular destinations

All over the world!

No Fee & No cancellation charges, great saving and one stop access to details of 100+ hospitals in various countries. We believe every individual has right to get quality and affordable medical treatment.

At YallaCare, we value your health and offer the best service to you and your loved ones. The dynamic platform provides complete analytical information related to various health and medical treatment.

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